Rewilding Forum: Untamed Since 2016  is currently involved in the implementation or drafting stages of the following rewilding projects:

Blue Duiker Project

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAReintroducing the second smallest African antelope to the southernmost forest in Africa.  After an absence of almost 300 years the “Blue Duiker Project” aims to restore this iconic forest antelope to the Platbos Forest Reserve, the last stretch of coastal forest along Africa’s southernmost shores.

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Cape Mountain Zebra Project

tim-hauf-cape-mountain-zebra_20060227_031Aiding the reintroduction of the endemic Cape Mountain Zebra to the City of Cape Town’s Nature Reserves.  Saved from the brink of extinction, we now aim to reestablish a functioning zebra founder population to the Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

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