About Us

“To aid the conservation and restoration of characteristic terrestrial biodiversity, ecological processes and cultural, historical and scenic resources” – Rewilding Forum: Untamed Since 2016

Rewilding Forum: Untamed Since 2016 is an environmental organisation involved in various aspects of rewilding, from consultation and landscape architecture to wildlife reintroduction and reforestation.  Our unique vision entails an emphasis on wilderness restitution and restoration for the appreciation and benefit of present and future generations.  We are dedicated to remembering, restoring and rewilding all the long lost and forgotten wilderness areas of our planet.  As fellow custodians of planet earth, we invite you along on this adventure filled journey into the wild and wonderful world of Rewilding The Lost Wilderness™.

Our Vision

Our unique vision is “to aid the conservation and restoration of characteristic terrestrial biodiversity, ecological processes and cultural, historical and scenic resources” representative of any given region within which Rewilding Forum: Untamed Since 2016 is involved.

Our vision is born from our conservation philosophy that aims to restore not only that which has been lost in recent years (i.e. since the onset of European colonisation), but that which has been lost since the earliest exploits of humanity on our natural environments.  We embrace a holistic approach concerning biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.

Our vision is focused to accommodate the widest level of biodiversity, including the ecological restoration of damaged or altered ecosystems and the reintroduction of key wildlife species that has been lost in the lapse of time.

Our Future

Our mandate is to create wilderness reserves and to restore fully functioning ecosystems within.  This includes the development of, often fenced-in, reserves with intricate management strategies that will allow for the reintroduction of key wildlife species, including both large herbivores and predators.

Our future developments will see the creation of several rewilding projects and wilderness reserves in the international realm.  Our main areas of focus (outside of our native Africa) for the creation of expansive “Rewilding Reserves” are South America (Brazil, Guyana), North America (Texas, USA), Europe (Spain, Portugal), and Asia (India, China).

Our Founder


A native of the Republic of South Africa, our founder Marcel Hendrik van der Merwe II was born in the city of Cape Town on October 21, 1991.  His love for the natural world was kindled at a very young age while visiting grandparents in the Klein Karoo and the Bushveld of Limpopo and spending many vacations in the notorious Kruger National Park wilderness.  By the age of 16 Marcel started on his journey of research into the history of the three Cape Provinces of South Africa – the areas that had experienced the most exploitation and destruction at the hands of humanity.  After navigating almost seven years through ancient rock art sites, archaeological papers,  precolonial oral traditions, colonial journals, diaries, and accounts his research journey painted an elaborate portrait of former ecosystems that had been lost and that can be regained.  These research articles has since culminated in the production of a book called “Rewilding The Lost Wilderness” to serve as an example of how depleted ecosystem can be revived.

Growing up in various parts of South Africa in vastly different environments, each of whom have been altered, destroyed, and stripped of their once diverse fauna to varying degrees, has undoubtedly shaped my understanding of wilderness degradation, the plight for ecosystem restoration and the practical application of rewilding.”  –  Marcel Hendrik van der Merwe II